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Welcome to Sunset Furniture! We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality poly-lumber furniture built by Amish Craftsmen in Ohio. Browse our outdoor patio furniture categories below which include benches, chairs, gliders, ottomans, dining sets, seating sets, swings, tables, and more.

We offer a wide range of Adirondack, charm back, roll back, mission, garden, settee, bentwood, curve back and contemporary styles. And, our poly-lumber furniture is available in many sizes including bar height, dining height, counter height, balcony height, and more!

When you choose Sunset Furniture, you not only invest in superior craftsmanship and durable materials but also become part of a legacy that values tradition, integrity, and the beauty of the great outdoors. Elevate your outdoor living experience with Sunset Furniture - where Amish craftsmanship and Ohio heritage converge to create outdoor patio furniture masterpieces.